UK TV Abroad

How to watch UK TV Abroad

Find out all the ways possible to Watch British TV Abroad.

The Same method below can be used to unlock UK TV channels and Watch Football anywhere in the World 

People who live in the UK and want to watch free view UK TV or Catch can simply navigate to the British TV Channels page on our website. By simply clicking through the channels they want to watch,  we will guide them to the official TV pages.

However, if you are outside the UK you can use our guide page above but you will also have to follow the instructions below.

Now there used to be free websites out there that could offer you Live streaming of most UK free view channels in one place. During this time was one of them, but this is no longer the case due to legal copyrighting reasons.

All is not lost! Let’s get to the point of how you can still watch your favourite programmes on UK TV Catch up and tune in to the Live streaming of UK Freeview channels while on holiday or living abroad.

Watch UK TV using VPN Software.

It’s cheap and easy to install. Yes, it may cost you a monthly or yearly subscription fee but this is definitely the best way to get around this ‘problem’ especially for people who are using the Internet to watch their Live TV and Catch up. It’s a no fuss, all access, no-brainer!

How does it work? You install the VPN software on your device, for example, your Laptop, Smartphone or Tablet etc. or you can simply use a router. It changes your IP address to a UK based address, therefore making the online channels accessible to watch from any device linked to your router.

There are so many VPN providers out there but we will list the best ones we have found that so many of our visitors are using in order to watch UK TV abroad.

Express VPN

Express VPN has servers in Berkshire, Chessington, East London, Kent, London and Maidenhead. They offer a 30-days money back guarantee you can choose a plan here . Once you have paid for a plan, simply follow the step by step instructions for your device,We have found this service to be the choice of most of our users.


PureVPN has 56 UK Servers and gives you a 7-day money back guarantee.  You can choose a plan here that suits you and go from there and if you have any issues just get in touch with them via Live chat and they will guide you.

How to watch UK TV using VPN

As explained above, the first step is to get the plan you like but I would recommend going for the yearly or 6 months options as they work out a lot cheaper than monthly plans. Once you have bought the plan they will send you login details that you can use on the app. Now there are Apps available for most devices depending on your needs; for your Android or  Apple devices, and if you are using Windows / Mac they have apps for that too.

We personally recommend using a router especially if you have friends or family members who want to watch TV on their devices, in that case, all you need is a router which you can get from amazon such as a TP-link  or  D-link. Please remember to read the model names on the VPN Providers website.

The configuration is pretty simple for most devices. Simply open the Application on your device, change your server to the UK and you should good to go. The Router configuration will be a bit different but this is a one-time process so simply follow the instructions on the providers website.

If you have any questions, suggestion, feedback or would like to add to this article, please contact us.

(note: make sure you read all the terms and conditions of the VPN software provider on their refund policy etc. as we are not responsible for any of the terms and conditions for these independent companies.

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