TV Abroad

How to watch UK TV abroad ?

Most people living outside the UK or America miss their favourite TV Channels  and TV Shows, and are not able to watch them via Live TV or services like BBC Iplayer & Netflix or other services.

But it’s possible now days to access your favourite  TV channels & Catch up Online via your smartphone, tablets, smart TV & other devices very easily via a software PureVPN .

How to use PureVPN to watch Live TV and Catch up ?

First of all buy PureVPN plan here

Next download PureVPN App on your PC/Laptop or other device, they have apps for all the devices including Smartphones, Windows, Mac and Router’s.

Then simply follow the instructions given on their website or ask for help using the Live Chat on PureVPN website.  

Once the app is all configured you can then watch all the channels & Catch up easily from your device using our website channel list on the left hand side or visit British TV Channels Page .

Some of the channels provider might ask you to login,  just simply create an account using your email with them, and put a UK post code and should be good to go.

 But if you have any issue’s you can ask for some advice by post a question on either our community forum or Facebook page.

If you are facing issues regarding the software please contact PureVPN via live chat or contact email and they should be able to sort that out for you.

Remember we are providing all the guide free of cost and we don’t charge you any money so please be patient when asking any questions we will try and help as soon as we can.

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